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Iím recalling one of the resolutions that I made this past 2 years. My resolution was plain and simple. I want to smile. No matter what happened, no matter what are the occasions, no matter what are the situations, I donít want my smile to leave my face. No matter. I just want to smile.

Maybe smiling is not a problem for most of you out there, but itís very challenging for me because sometimes I felt that thereís no reason whatsoever for me to smile. I always wonder Ö can we ever smile when we are thinking about pretty serious matters? I donít think we can because for me smiling is always associated with lightheartedness. Therefore, smiling while Iím thinking about the problems Iíd with my girlfriend is almost impossible!

I can almost remember vividly every time I persuade myself to smile. All my life Iím unconsciously hindering myself from smiling to the point that people consider me as a Ďsombongí person. Not that Iím really sombong, just that I thought smiling was unnecessary (read: Iím an unfriendly person).

Allah is the fairest. I does not realize how placid my trait was (lokek with my smile) until I discover other people whoís just like me. Iím very uncomfortable with people who seem very serious and seem unfriendly. What do they think they are? They are just ruining peopleís day by behaving that way.

Suddenly, I felt like being slapped real hard, really-really hardÖ Dťjŗ vu! Ö Is that me? Theyíre behaving exactly like I behave. If I menyampah myself with that behavior Ö how about all these years? Must be plenty of people that equally menyampah with me.

That is how I come to the resolute to smile. Itís not easy you know. Iíve to remain motivated all the time in order to smile. One of the motivations that can keep me smiling is the comfort that I felt when I remember that our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W is the most generous with his smile.

Iíve came a long way since then. Although Iím not a person with the warmest smile around, I think itís adequate for now Ö At one point I have the nerve to ask myself: ďwhy donít I smile earlier?Ē Ö after thinking for several days Ö I got the answer for my own question. ďWe will never appreciate something until we experience it first handĒ. Iíve gain at least two valuable lesson from this experience:

1)      Smiling is a social medicine. Smile sincerely and InsyaAllah youíll get that similar sincere smile back.

2)      I donít blame ďseriousĒ and ďunfriendlyĒ people anymore. There must be good reason for them to be that way (Hey! Iím in their shoes once, remember!)

3)      I can sedekah without money! (Iím not that kaya you know)

4)      Heh Ö 3 already, did I say two just now? J.


* Aiyoh! Ö my English is so bad lah Ö korang understand ke what I say? (Have to read moreeee!)



PersWis, Saturday, 19th July 2003; (22:17)