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There's a NATO in me

That's right, there's NATO in my vein! Not that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meh! And not No Action Talk Only either - it's even worse. The NATO in me is No Action Think Only. I want to thank my fren, M for shaping things into perspective for me but no thanks yet.

So much thing cramping my head and immediate action should be done little by little from now on. For M, consider me practicing what you said and changing little by little as my meaningful way of saying thanks to you. No words needed.

What exactly is my NATO btw? It is thinking in advance every possibilities that might occur when I do something (In my case, thinking too much about people's emotion and reaction). It might sound strategic at first, by thinking the consequences of your moves, but when there are too much to be concern, you will end up doing nothing!

There are calculated moves of course, and we should be strategic. This is where balance kicks in. There must be ways for us (read: me) to speak up feelings and still maintaining whatever it is to be maintained.

It does not hurt for me to try I guess. Even if it hurts, at least I will learn something. Yeah, sounds like another resolution to fill into my 2004 resolution bag!

Several question to be ask to self this night.

1. What is my concerns?

2. Is it real issue or just virtual issue?

3. Why does the concerns concern me?

4. Three question is enough for today! Another question next time.

Wish me the best!


PersWis, Thursday, 29th January 2004;