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I went to work early today … I arrived at the office at 6:57 A.M. As early as I got to the office, it’s as early I got off it. I leave exactly at 4:30 P.M.

I don’t know … lately I feel very comfortable pressing my beloved RG Sports right to the limit. I felt a temporalry relieve and enjoyment when I traveled at the ‘speed of light’. I’m aware that this action is hazardous to my health and my self (esp. my inner self), but I can’t help it … I just … do it … (macam nike la pulak!).

I went straight to JUSCO via the rear entrance. Browse around the Consumer Electric Section for a moment before I went to fruits section to buy a pack of grape. Then went back to MPH and bought FORBES magazine. Where to go now? I ask myself … umm … after thinking for 0.07 seconds; I walked straight to SPEEDY … to hang there in front of the TV. Arrived … sat down.

While munching the delicious red globe grape, I read through the magazine almost page by page … totally immersed … until suddenly I realize that it’s raining outside … and it’s raining heavily. From the look and sign of it, seems like the rain will never stop until next month … hahaha. Oh God! How am I going to go home?

I got panicked for a while before I realize that I haven’t performed my Asar prayer. I don’t want to wait any longer … its 6:00 P.M already. So, I rushed to SURAU and pray. After praying, I went straight to my cum-to-like seat in front of the TV at SPEEDY … arghhh … so many people lah! … umm … looked around (left, right, up and down).

At last I settled in front of SEDAP CORNER. I opened my backpack in search of something I can read … wow … Crayon Sin Chan comic … I’m saved (thank God I place it in my backpack) … I read the comics for several pages before I got bored … I can’t believe I didn’t enjoy reading Crayon Sin Chan (maybe it’s because of the situation?) … what should I do? What should I do? What should I do????

I search my backpack one more time … ermm … a pen and my trusty notebook! (Not portable PC, mind you) … You know what happened? I end up writing this note … which consequently ends up as a blog entry … BORING! Don’t you think? …

You know what I feel right now? Yes, what I feel while I’m writing … right now? I miss her a lot. I miss YOU a lot … A whole, whole lot, mountains lot, as huge as my mortgage lot (what is mortgage anyway?), as deep as the deepest ocean lot … as wide as the outer space lot … arghhh … unbearable … isk, isk, isk sob,sob (do you have tissue mister?).


I recall words from my sister right now: “tula, sape suruh jadi kera sumbang … warghh hahahah …”


PersWis, Wednesday, 2nd July 2003, 6:50p.m.; JUSCO.