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Listening skill is crucial in life. Even the most skilled in listening have troubled every now and then.

I'm now practicing empathic listening which one of the criteria is to repeat the words and offer my understanding on the words they speak (to ensure they have pointed out the point clearly).

Then and (supposedly) only then that I'll start to offer my opinion(s) on the matter they speak.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but sometimes I'm totally surprise to find out that it's advancely hard to listen. Even though I知 listening to my fellow male friend, I知 surprise to find out that I知 missing the crucial point(s) they said. I知 not even mentioning listening to female yet!

Throughout our life, I知 sure there have been, there are and there will be people (Friends, family) who come to us with their problem(s). This is where listening at its most crucial.

Look back at our history especially the one which involves trying to help people with their problem(s).

How many times do we actually 鼠isten? How many times do people take our advice seriously and they change?

Several favorite sentence after hearing someone else(s) problem is 的 understand or 的 understand what you feel.

One question beg to be answered: 泥o we? Do we really understand them and understand what they feel?

I知 sure almost everyone have offered or received the 的 understand words. If we are at the receiving end, what do you feel when peoples said that? If you feel unsatisfied, the chances are, the others are not listening to you. It痴 the same when we are at the giving end. When they are unsatisfied, try to listen harder!

Based on my readings, true 鼠istening will ease burden if not settle it. So, let us start 鼠istening!



PersWis, Wednesday, 18th February 2004;