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Guide 4 Life

I receive an excellent advice from a friend who received it from someone knowledgeable. It’s very useful guide and it sum up well what we have to do throughout our life.

“When we want to do something, remember; ‘Auzubillah hi minasy syaitoonirrajim’ – (Aku berlindung (dgn nama Allah) daripada syaitan yg direjam) and ‘Bismillah hirrahmaanirrahiiim’ – (dengan nama Allah yg maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihan.”) May we always in His guidance”

Although I understand what he said I can’t resist the temptation to know more. So I ask “How? How to put those into practice?”

“Remember five.”

I’m puzzled. Luckily he went on to clarify.

“Remember 5. Niat, Usaha sunguh2, Doa, Tawakkal, Redho. 1) Niat: Before you do something, remember Allah 2) Do the things that you want to do with all you got – do it the best you can. 3) After that doa and 4) Tawakkal. We have done our part and we have done the best that we could. 5) Redha: Whatever Allah grants us we must redha and syukur.”

“And even before we started our niat, remember ‘Auzubillah hi minasy syaitoonirrajim’ – (Aku berlindung (dgn nama Allah) daripada syaitan yg direjam)’.

“What I said have no meaning if we are not practicing it. I said this to you so that whenever I forget, you can remind me.”

So, my dear reader, I pass this knowledge to you so that we can get the benefit by practicing it. InsyaAllah


PersWis, Monday, 16th February 2004;