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With 11 matches to go, the Barclaycard's Premier League title seems like in the grasp of Arsenal FC. Up until now, Arsenal as a team looked rock solid. Even their 'second team' are strong enough to beat some of the premier league first team.


I am a football enthusiast. I admire teams who play attractive and tactical football. Although I am a Man U supporter, I also enjoy Arsenal, Real Madrid, Fulham, Bolton, Barcelona, PSV, AC Milan etc.


I'm a bit disappointed with the way Man U play last week. Full credit to Porto who adopted pressure type of play couple with offside trap. They made Man U central midfield peripheral and almost no function whatsoever.


Porto will almost surely play defensive during their visit to Old Trafford, although IMO they should play the way the played at PORTO. If Porto do play defensively, Man U should be prepared to repel Porto's counter attacking machine. If not, then Man U can virtually say sayonara to Champion's League football.


Seems like the absence of Rio Ferdinand couple with Sir Alex's personal problem with the largest shareholder are taking their toll on the team. Personally I think Man U is strong enough. They don't have to spend too much on more players. I think it's better for them to tighten up their training regime. Right now what they need most is an Assistant Manager IMHO.


Anyway, by the look of current situation, Arsenal should be crown champion in the end of the Season. Except if they become arrogant like they did last year and loose 3 or more games after this.



PersWis, Monday, 1st March 2004;