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I went to JJ last night to find accessories for my new home. Burned a healthy RM70 through my pocket. After almost two hectic week, I have spent almost RM 4,000 just to install basic safety component, paint my wall with themes (Fresh for living room and Tranquil for Bedroom), vehicle to transport my belongings to new home and several other things. I haven't tint my window and there are no curtain whatsoever (I utilized my shirts as curtain!).


My belongings fill my new home quite comfortably - it easily fill 3 rooms with spaces to spare. Can you imagine all that stuff were jam-packed in one room before - (when I rent a room). Anyway, I'm thinking of decorating my home minimally. Japanese style of living room is intriguing!




Do you want to feel what others are feeling at any given time? Try to imitate their face. You'll feel what they feel, although you'll never know why they feel that way - unless u asked.


We, human, are a being who consist of physical, psychological, psyche, soul. What happened to one of those will affect others. So, when we are sad, all the components that make us human are also sad. It's the same for other feeling as well.


Emotions are contagious. Be angry, and you'll find out that all people around you will become agitated and affected. Be merry, and you'll find out that people around your will become "light hearted" and happy.


"Senyum itu sedekah".


When we saw some people who appear to be quite trouble in their face, try to give them the warmest smile you have. May it ease their burden a little!



PersWis, Friday, 13th February 2004;