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I am writing todayís entry in response to Aiz entry on the topic of ďA Chinese Prophet.Ē Anyway, I must say that Iím intrigue to answer some other questions in the comment section as well.

Firstly, Iím writing based on my knowledge that I can recalled. Iím not putting too much effort to search for reference except for something that is already in my possession. So forgive me if it will not satisfy your urge for knowing more.

Okay, perhaps the most important point I wanted to stress is ILMU, AMAL, IMAN. KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICE, FAITH. To put the words to function, it should be:

ďPRACTICE your KNOWLEDGE and consequently and eventually youíll come to FAITH given that your knowledge and the way your practice is true. If by practicing your knowledge canít get you to FAITH, then thereís something wrong whether on your knowledge or on your practice. Any knowledge will do.Ē Ė Prof Dr Hamka Ė

To CONFUSED, given that you got A and A1 in SRP and SPM perhaps you should recall on a teaching about Adab. Maybe you forget. Forgive me for not knowing you enough but I just can write based on your postings. Anyway CONFUSED you should understand the limit. Every muslim (human in fact) must know the limit which me myself do not know whether what I know now is enough.

Why do people keep on answering ALLAH knows best therefore abide him when they canít answer you? Because itís the limit of their knowledge. That does not mean there are no answers for your questions and confusion. Just that you are just asking question to wrong people. Perhaps you should seek a Mursyid guru which is quite rare in the world nowadays IMHO. Anyway, my friend knows one or two that you can refer to if you like.

And, we all have to watch the way we write. We canít blame people totally when they get wrong impression based on what we write. Just try our best to put proper words especially at crucial issue.

A Chinese Prophet?

Oklah, back to A Chinese Prophet. This yield simple answer although there are many more answers really. Why does Prophet (and Apostle) Muhammad (PBUH) is not a Chinese? My immediate answer should be Chinese civilization is not in need for him as their society is still in control and moral value and righteousness is still practiced.

Arab Quraisy in contrast is in dire need (although they did not realize) for an Apostle. Perhaps at that time the Arab Quraisy is the most uncivilized people on the whole planet based on their doings and traits. One more thing just imagines if all girls are buried, would there be any Quraisy left now? Allah timed the arrival of the last Apostle to this society who is in the lowest moral condition as Human could be.

And what is the Hikmah? (I will not present it all here). What does Arab have in common? They are very tribial and wars amongst them are very common. Yet when Islam comes, theyíve embraced each other and accept each other because in Islam differences are a blessing. And not least is to show how a way of life which has been put through the test of time (which is concluded and named Islam by Allah Himself) can transform such a lowly tribe and race to a powerful civilization.

I should emphasize here that Islam is not granted to us to replace previous teaching of other prophet. It is only to supercede previous teaching. Allah does know the best. Why? Because He teach human little by little based on the condition of human civilization started from Prophet Adam. Islamic teaching is not merely started from our beloved Prophet Muhammad, but it started from the creation of human being Ė from Adam himself and with the test of time it grows based on the capacity and need of Human age by age and it finally matured to its most perfect when it comes to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Apostle and Prophet

There are 313 Apostles and 250,000 Prophets in human history (please correct me if Iím wrong) yet we must know only 25. It is not impossible that at least every race has at least received one prophet. The different between the two if Iím not mistaken is in TABLIGH part. Apostle and Prophet are SIDDIQ, AMANAH, TABLIGH and FATHONAH.

About Aizís question about an Arab trader as a Messenger, my answer is before Prophet Muhammad, it is possible but after that it is impossible.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is our ultimate benchmark. We of course canít compare to him spiritually. I think we even have difficulties to even compare our self with Imam al-Ghazali spiritually. But of course physically our Prophet is just like us Ė human. He does all ordinary human does. It that sense of course we can compare!

ďAccusation about Prophet as a Sex ManiacĒ

They are accusing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as sex maniac because he married with a 9 years old girl and have 10 wives.

Before I try to explain in the way I know about the topic, I must say that we really have to have the skill of EMPHATIC understanding in the quest to understand things we wanted to understand. I donít wanna elaborate more on Emphatic understanding. If you are interested in it I recommend you to read ďThe Power of EmpathyĒ.

In one way, Prophet does things he does to show us that we can do that too. 9 years old is the youngest age a girl will produce egg which means she can reproduced started from that age. Of course it is based on health of the person. Family and race factor is also play important role. Any of you want to dispute this just have to be a scientist and research the condition when the first time girl produced egg, what is their condition? You should be enlightened. Me? I donít want to pening my self with it. I believe it totally and furthermore I have Chemical Engineering sector to research. Come on! Take the challenge if still donít wanna believe!

Of all the wives Prophet marries, what is their criterion? Most of them are widow (just mentioning one of it). I would say that there are Hikmah in them. It has been beautifully wrapped up in 4 criterion you should seek from a potential wife (Iím sure most of you know it).

When you wanted to marry more than 1, Muslim must make sure they can be fair in all criterion. Not merely one or two criterion (which usually Sex and prestige). Iím not very sure to explain more on this but my lecturer has explained to me satisfactorily. What does that mean? There are many people who can answer our curiosity. We just have to search diligently.

What Topic we can Think and What we canít?

This topic will lead us to understand limitation. There are certain things that we can use our Akal and there are things that we can never imagine no matter how hard we tried.

Awwaluddin Makrifatullah Ė The first thing to understand in Ad-Deen is by knowing Allah. This is Tauhid Ė the root to all teachings in Islam Ė the way of life. How to know Allah? By knowing His Sifat-Sifat kebesaran-Nya. That is the only way. Our beloved prophet said you canít know Allah by His Zat! What does this mean? This is the limit! We can try to imagine Allahís Zat but we wonít go anywhere! We just canít! If you wanted to tried, try with your own responsibility and consequences!

Some thing especially benda Ghaib (Heaven, Hell, etc) just canít be reach by with our Akal. Why? Has anybody being there? Of course Rasulullah has seen the condition during Israk and Mikraj and he has described it based on our limitation. Thatís all we have to know. If we can imagine how heaven and Hell are, there will be no human being dare to oppose Allah!


Iím sorry if my English is not so proper. I usually struggle to put Islamic teachings in English. Perhaps this is the best I can do.

Anyway, my personal views are:

1)   Islam has all the answer you wanted. I have complete faith in this. If we canít find answer from one person, 10 people or perhaps a million people that can satisfy us it is perhaps because we are asking to the wrong people Ė We have to find the right one.

2)   Donít us EVER wondering around to find FAITH without guidance. It is almost HOPELESS. This is very true and all Ulamak agree on this. Find Gurus and let them guide us through the journey of finding FAITH.

3)   I would personally like to recommend the book TASAUF MODEN by Prof Dr Hamka (penerbit Darul Nuíman). This book is packed with wisdom and keywords for us to understand more about Islamic teaching and one of the objectives in life Ė HAPPINESS.

Thatís all I can write this night. Iím already too sleepy now and going to sleep. I welcome any question about Islam. If I can answer I will answer. If I canít I will try to seek advice. If I still canít I will notify that I canít.

With that, I key off my entry today. May Allah bless us All, InsyaAllah



PersWis, Wednesday, 11th February 2004;