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Fear Factor

Have you ever thought that you know certain things better than others? I frequently do. Although after some researching I usually change my view. Sometimes because I do know better than others and sometimes because I got wrong informations.


I am alarmed with blaming scenario in my life. I've lived in this world for almost 28 years and blaming is certainly one of the things that are very common at least in Malaysian Society.

Why blaming ek? To show that we can do better? To escape from the TRUTH that we are not capable? To escape from our responsibility? Why?

Perhaps blaming has become an invisible culture cultured by our media. An event happened (and not a good one), boom! not long after, blame after blame mushroomed in our media. Don't you all think that it's one of the cause we Malaysian syioookk blaming?

Entah yer ... if there are 1001 blaming cases that we have to solve perhaps we should have 1001 unique blaming cases. However, from my current know-how, I would say that we blame because we are in fear.

There are several powerful forces in our life that are so powerful and fear is certainly one of it. You just name it, fear is everywhere. Our limbic brain prepare us with two possible actions when we are in fear - Fight! or Flee! (FoF) - Lawan! atau Cabut!

Fear in animal kingdom result in direct result - either they fight or they just flee. Why? in neuroscience they would say because animal have smaller neocortical brain. Who exactly have larger neocortical brain? Yes ... it's human.

What do neocortical brain have to do with all this? Physically, neocortical brain is what differentiate us with animal. Sound familiar? Larger neocortical brain is in one way what give us AKAL.

Equip with AKAL, simple FoF in animal kingdom transform into complicated traits, emotions and reactions etc in human society with blaming as one of it. Name other "bad" traits and you can see most (if not all of them) are fueled by fear.

Why do I blame? Perhaps I fear something ... what is it?

Why am I angry? Perhaps I fear something ... what is it?

Why ... bla bla bla!

HA! now the quote "Overcome your FEAR" really make sense!



PersWis, Thursday, 3rd February 2004;