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That's life ...


There'll be one day in your life when you feel that the ‘world’ is against you. It’s the day when you feel that all that you’ve done is not going your way. The things that made you sick and make you feel bad is you know its coming your way; you know you can do something about it, yet you do nothing about it. For me, today is one of those days.


There’re handfuls of days in my life that even worst than today, but I’m still able to pat myself, reflect upon it and take necessary action to not to repeat it. However, there’re one element/ combination of elements in life (I rarely experience) that is so powerful; no matter how colorful and wonderful your days are it’ll become dull, boring and woeful.


As for me, negative moods and emotions from my friends and love one is enough to send me to the valley of negative feelings. I know that I’m the one who always impart the negative moods and emotions towards my friends and love one. I think this is the feelings that they felt when I behave negatively. It’s hurtful and almost unbearable.


I always keep reminding myself that it’s not always because of me that they behaving the way they behave. I always keep in mind that they’ve a whole lot world more than me to consider, a whole lot more problems to face and a whole lot more of everything to think about than to ponder about me. No matter how hard I tried to remind myself, I still can’t ricochet whatever feelings I felt.


The events happening in my life led me to the thought that one of the essences in life is balancing act. Balancing every move, acts, traits and everything in life is very tough, very-very tough. It’s tough because it’s not easy to distinguish the good and the bad. Its sure seems easy when something is straightforward. The problem is, we’re not always presented with simple situation to solve. Just take into account the story about Nabi Khaidir and Nabi Musa as reference.


Although there’ll be lows and highs in our life, life itself must go on. It is crucial for us to keep on learning to live our life the way it should be. The REWARD is GREAT (for those who victorious), so is the PUNISHMENT (for those who fail). There’re no other greater rewards than Paradise and there’re no other greater punishment than hell. With that in mind, I hope and pray that we’ll never stray away from our main objectives in life … “inn assolati, wa nusuki, wa mahyaya, wa mamati, lillahi rabbil ‘alamin”.



PersWis, 12th May 2003;