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I was raise in an environment where the teaching of Islam is essential. Although there are some areas where the practice could be better, it is still desirable nonetheless. I learnt about Tauhid, I learn about Syariah and I learn about Akhlak (or some might specifically called tasawwuf). Not only I learn it back home, I learn it at school as well.

One of the Phrases that keep sticking to my head was about Knowledge. My Teachers always said: Knowledge without practice is futile and Practice without knowledge is disaster.

Being child and being teen when I was way back then, I donít really understand what's the significant of those teachings for me. I learn (or perhaps forced to learn) everything preached to me by my uncles and teachers without question. At that time, what I really care was grade. No more, no less. The most important thing is to acquire decent grade and that's it (of course it elevated your ego when you scored).

Now, as I grow old, after experiencing life for a while, I started to collect new knowledge based on knowledge passed on to me years ago. Practicing knowledge as I adequately think is the only way for us to made the knowledge useful. Acquire as much knowledge as you desire, if you are not practicing it, well, it is just like carrying stack of rocks on your back. It will become your burden "here" and "then".

Practicing Knowledge will consequently gives you experience, give you wisdom. No matter what kind of knowledge you practice, you'll get it. The degree of experience and wisdom acquired by every individual over a same knowledge might be similar, might be somewhat similar or might totally different.

Therefore, for me there're no clear-cut wrong and no clear-cut right in several situations. Sometimes when we wonder about somebody who's different from us, it is not because they love to be different, just that they have different kind of experiences and different kind of wisdoms than us. Practicing knowledge is not easy. Along the way, we might encounter difficulties, challenges and problems. Some might not find any difficulties at all. It is all depends on how we practice certain knowledge.

Understanding the possibility of differences that might occur in the eventuality of people practicing knowledge has brought me to a certain level of self awareness. It has enriched my experience and changes my view on others, alter my consciousness about why certain things happened and "forced" me to consider several things before jump into any conclusion. Although in some situation it makes my life a little more complicated, it gives me some level of happiness Ö and for me, not many things out there can be substituted with it Ö and it's worth struggling for.


PersWis, 24th May 2003;