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Loving People means,

Giving them the Freedom,

to be who they choose to be,

and where they choose to be,


Love is allowing people to be

in your life out of choice.

- Happiness in a Nutshell, Andrew Matthews.



I took a leave for a day today ‘just’ to catch the HULK. May be it sounds like not worth it for me to went out and take my annual leave just for a movie. However, believe me, there’s no regret whatsoever! I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. IMHO, the HULK was Excellent! I would recommend it to all of you.


I’m not sure about someone else. Maybe it’s just me. I feel somewhat connected to that movie in some aspect. Maybe it’s because my disappointment this past week. The timing for the disappointment couldn’t be much better. I felt like being cheated by my most trusted friend a week ago. I’m mentally imbalance for 2-3 days. However, almost funnily, I felt fired up when Monday comes. I hardly can contain my sudden burst of excitements, energies, spirits, motivations and positive feelings. I don’t understand why I’m behaving that way, because 2-3 days before, I felt as drown as sinking titanic, sad … and cold.


Come Tuesday, Wednesday and today … I felt like being born again … heh. Now I called my unexplained “sudden burst” as “changing negative energy to positive energy” – “Rage … Strength … Freedom”


This is one of the dialogues in that movie that makes my spirits grow, and grow, and grow, and GROW!

(More or less) Bruce: “You know what scares me the most? It’s when I’m angry! I can’t take it anymore … I feel like I’m being born again … I like It!”


I truly hope I can contain this aura so that it can be kept for the rest of my life or when my path of life gets rough.


Anyway, I would love to share with all of you out there about words I “discover” when I’m ‘floating’ around this past Saturday and Sunday …


“When have you made the most important decisions in your life? When you were on your knees – after disasters, after knock backs, when you’ve been kicked in the head. That’s when we say to ourselves:

I’m sick of being broke,

Sick of being kicked around.

I’m tired of being mediocre.

I’m going to do something.”

We learn our biggest lessons when thing get rough”


As for the HULK, I'm going to watch it again this Saturday. After all, it's hard to find VCD these days :) ...



PersWis, 19th June 2003;

To my friend: “Thank You … I mean it … and SORRY … I mean it too (you’ll know why)”